Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Uncertainty in days ahead

My head feels abuzz right now!! President Thabo Mbeki has officially resigned from his post as President of this country!! You can be sure that there are many to follow suite!!

This puts SA in a very precarious situation doesn't it??? And as the world looks on, I'm beginning to wonder what happened to the beautiful SA that made headlines 14 years ago when we had our first democratic elections. I think the major rift between the ruling party, the ANC, is being caused by one bad apple, Jacob Zuma.

There are rumours that Thabo Mbeki intends to launch a new political party. My only fear is that Jacob Zuma now has a good chance to run for the President of SA. How can someone who has no moral values lead a country, I ask??? After all the scandal he has brought and is still continuing to bring to the political arena, I shudder to think that Zuma may actually succeed in acquiring the Presidency!!!

Imagine, a man who actually thinks that having a shower after having sexual intercourse with a woman who has the HIV virus, will protect him from contracting the virus!! I am no political analyst but past behaviour is a prerequisite of present and future behaviour. Sound too much like Dr. Phil??? I don't think so!!!

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