Monday, September 22, 2008

Embarrassing moment

I arrived at the lecture half an hour before the time Alghumdulillah!! I was able to take some pics as well as find a seat right in the front. When Sheikh Faaik Gamieldien arrived he enquired if all the students had received their notes via email. There were a few students who hadn't so he made a note to resend.

The following is what transpired just before the lecture started:

Sheikh: Oh, before I continue with my lesson, who is Shahieda???

Shahieda (looking around the class to see if there was another student of the same name, as luck would have it no one else raised their hand!! By then I was as red as a tomato!!)

Sheikh (repeating himself): Shahieda, you have committed a crime. Who is Shahieda???

Shahieda (wishing the ground would open up and swallow me, but raising my hand very hesitantly anyway!!): My name is Shahieda

Sheikh (smiling): Would you like me to tell you what crime you have committed?? And before I tell you, is there any other person named Shahieda just in case I have the wrong person??

Shahieda (wishing I was a cartoon character and could just slide off my chair and disappear): Yes, is there anyone else named Shahieda??

Sheikh (trying to contain his amusement): Shahieda do you have a blog???

Shahieda (completely taken aback now): Yes I do, why do you ask??

Sheikh (laughing now): You see, I spy on my students!! I happened to read your blog.

Shahieda (laughing nervously): You have??

Sheikh: Yes, and I want to thank you for your comments on my lectures

Shahieda (letting out my breath with a sigh of relief): Oh, oh!! And thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Have you perhaps read my post on the book 'Pawns in the Game' by William Guy Carr?? I'd like your opinion if you have read the book. The author has studied comparative religions.

Sheikh: I haven't read the book, would you like to tell me what it's about.

Shahieda: Well the author expounds on a group called the Illuminati, I haven't completed the book yet. The crux of his writing is that everyone is controlled by these men who want to have everyone believe that God does not exist.

Sheikh: I'm inclined to think that it's a conspiracy theory.

Shahieda: Oh really?? Are those your thoughts on the book itself??

Sheikh: Yes, let's get on with the lecture.

After the lecture I approached the Sheikh to purchase a book he had recommended, Islamic Jurisprudence written by C G Weeramantry. I was just about to ask him how he came about discovering my blog when he asked me if I wanted to know. Apparently the Sheikh had Google searched his name and my name popped up with the rest of the results!! I had used his link in my one of my posts!! How about that!!


Shaheema said...

wow babe... that sure is interesting. Send the Sheikh my salaams... hope he'll have another class soon! I'd love to attend again, after the last class which i thorougly enjoyed, Muslim Personal Law, I'd like to attend again, Insha-Allah.

Muslim Central said...


Shahieda said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and shukran for the link! I'll have a look as soon as I can pull myself away from Nouman Ali Khan lectures :D