Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

Today, I'd like to wish my brother-in-law Mika-eel, a very happy 40th birthday!! May Allah grant you all that is good in this life and the Hereafter, Insha-Allah Ameen!! May you continue to be the strong support to your family. Like the saying goes, "Life begins at 40," so break a leg!! Also, slamat on your wedding anniversary, may Allah continue to guide you and Nadia to the best of understanding Insha-Allah!!

Then, a Happy Birthday to my brother Ansaar, who celebrates his birthday on the 13th Insha-Allah. May Allah guide and protect you always. Stay the caring dad that you are to your son, Amjad, and continue to be a good husband and example to your wife Aaliyah!! You are always in my duas and I pray that Allah grants you a long life filled with Barakah & Ghair Insha-Allah Ameen!!

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Smooches said...

Insha-Allah, Ameen to all your dua's. :)