Thursday, March 12, 2009

The height of boredom.....

For the past few weeks, Cape Town has been experiencing very hot weather. The mercury had peaked at 38 degrees the other day, making it quite unbearable in the office.

You'd think that working for a company who sells & installs air conditioning units, there would be units installed in the building we're housed in. WRONG!!

We're situated in an industrial area & the company doesn't own the property at the moment. I suppose it's logic not installing anything yet but dang, it's hot in here!!

So much so that I have to head for the bathroom every so often to try & cool down. It helps a little bit but by the time I reach my desk, I need to make another trip to the bathroom!! I certainly cannot win can I???!!

Today the heat really got to me, that I had no inclination to do any work at all. Instead I removed the camera from my bag & decided to snap away. And this is what I came up with..............

Hmmmm, it certainly lends new meaning to the phrase "twiddling my toes" heh??!! -:)

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