Friday, November 21, 2008

The person responsible............

for my frustration at work will be going on leave for the next three weeks. YAY!! I'm ecstatic. Can you tell???

I've decided that during the time he is away from the office I'll be able to put procedures in place that would allow for smoother running of the accounting side of the company. Lets just hope that when he returns, he's going to adhere to procedure.

Since working here my days are filled with trying to explain why a paper trail from an accounting perspective is very important. Shucks, the sales staff don't even make out a receipt for cash received. HUH?? Where have you ever heard that??

The C.O.D account is in the 120 day outstanding mark already & trying to get contact information from him for the specific customers is like trying to draw water from a rock!! CASH.ON.DELIVERY. That's what it's supposed to mean, I think the dictionary he uses probably has it listed as meaning something else, hehehe.

Nonetheless, I look forward to the peace & quiet of the next three weeks. No shouting, no smoking in the warehouse, no cussing & certainly no temper tantrums!! I'll probably have to pinch myself every now & again to remind myself I'm not dreaming!! LOL!!

Shucks, I could definitely get used to him not being around at all. But that, my friends, would be wishful thinking on my part!!

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