Thursday, February 11, 2010

“Why are you hiding your body??”

B asked while we were getting coffee before returning to my desk. The common question was normally:

“Why do you wear a headscarf??” or

“Why do you cover up?”

This was the first time someone used the word ‘hiding.’

“What makes you think I’m hiding my body??” I asked with a smile. “Well, you’re slim and such a beautiful woman, if I were you I wouldn’t hide my body at all!!” B said. “But I don’t see the need to expose myself, I feel comfortable with what I am wearing and I love wearing my headscarf. Its part of who I am, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder no?? Ultimately, it’s a personal choice one makes.” was my response.

“To be quite honest, I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing short dresses, short skirts or tight pants. “Neither would I feel comfortable wearing garments that have no sleeves at all, unless I wear something underneath,” I went on explaining.

“And furthermore, it’s an extension of my religion to dress modestly. Only males who are closely related to me, will see me without my headscarf and that pertains to being indoors only,” I added.

Ever since I was a young girl, I wore hijab. My dad was adamant with regards to this. The moment I walked out the door I had to make sure that my scarf was on my head and that my body was covered. I do not regret it for one moment! Being the oldest child in the family, I had to set an example.

My mother says a woman wearing hijab is at her most beautiful. It doesn’t matter what race, color or creed, wearing it sets her apart. While visiting KL, I fell in love with the tudung. It’s such a simple, yet beautiful headdress. All you have to do is slip it on and off you go!

My favorite tudung!

There was a time in my life when I discarded the wearing of hijab, it was just after the divorce. I felt quite rebellious, wanting to place blame for a marriage gone wrong! Astaghfirullah! May Allah forgive me for my shortcomings! But that phase soon passed when I started attracting too much attention from the male species. The wolf whistles and comments were enough to stop me in my tracks. Grrrrrrrr!

While looking through some photos I had on my camera, B spied one of me not wearing hijab. “Oh my gosh, that’s you without your headscarf!” she exclaimed. With a look of total astonishment she said, “I understand now why you cover up, you’ll get yourself into a whole lot of trouble if you didn’t!”

B was obviously being very dramatic, but she was right, I would get myself into a whole lot of trouble with Him!


MHB said...

looking great in that tudung!! bet you got a few pairs at the very least?? :D

Shahieda said...

Thanks MHB! I bought some for myself and for my mum, didn't think my siblings would like them.

But when they laid eyes on them, they were clamoring for more, hehehe! So, now I'm going to ask a dressmaker to duplicate the design :)

A friend has just come back from KL, as a gift for me she brought back a black and red tudung!! Can't wait to wear it, hehehehe!