Thursday, January 14, 2010

First blog entry for 2010

I have been threatening to blog since my return from KL, but haven't had the time to until now, that is. With the kids who started school earlier this week, me having to return to normalcy at work, you can just imagine what a mission that has been. I had hardly set foot on Capetonian soil when my phone started ringing for cake once again!!

My stay in KL was an awesome one!! Made memorable by the many bloggers, Facebook friends and Sayang of course. I had no idea I would meet up and network with so many. And the Malaysian hospitality was out of this world.

My first few days there saw me being taken around by Faridah,
shopping for tudungs and various other goodies, attending a book launch at the Marriott Hotel,
the wedding reception of Kak Teh's nephew
and dinner at Yani's home. Thereafter, I was invited to the Lake Club for dinner by Kak Puteri. Chinese cuisine was on the menu and I had my first try of tofu. Man, it was good!

After dinner we made our way to a karaoke session. No, I cannot sing to save my life, hehehe!! But did Kak Puteri sing! She has an amazing voice.
After leaving the Lake Club, Yani and husband decided to take me to Petaling street. Here you can find all branded goods at the fraction of the cost. Unfortunately by the time we arrived most of the stalls were being packed up.

To be continued..........................


Kak Teh said...

shahieda, i havent had time to blog either as i came back and immediately had assignments.
and work is still piling up and its snowing and oh its horrible.
i hope you have recovered from the rounds and rounds of food. That's malaysian hospitality.
Apologies as i have not been able to send the pix as promised yet.
will do soon.

NanaDJ said...

Salam. Wish we had more time together. But we had fun didn't we? especially having Puteri entertaining us with the lovely Mandrain songs, sounding so professional. Hope you enjoyed the Vietnamese food.

Shahieda said...

Have seen the reports of the cold in London KT, and a cousin who's working there has expressed how homesick she is because of the weather!

Hehehe, I have recovered to some degree but haven't lost all the weight yet. Thank you once again for being such a gracious host!

Salaams to the family, especially your mom!

Shahieda said...

Salaam NanaDJ,

Thank you for visiting my blog!

I will definitely be visiting Malaysia again, very soon! We had so much fun, especially dancing the Pocha pocha. ( I hope I spelled that correctly!)

The Vietnamese food was devine! I shall be doing another post soon and include pics of the food. Afterall, that is what we did most of the time, eat!

Thank you for the durian chocolates and for bringing durian to Puteri's home. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

And I enjoyed the aghast looks of family members when they tried the durian chocolate, hahahaha!

mekyam said...

salam shahieda,

my first visit!

caught your name a number of times in some of the blogs i visit, esp kak teh's. recently saw your pix in those eating-sessions in kl and read that you're from ct/sa.

i found myself wondering, is she malay or isn't she. sorry for the very personal and nosey remark, but i have to admit i'm intrigued because i know there are malays in south africa. :D

will definitely return!

Kama said...

salam sweetie! glad you are back in blogsphere and doubly glad you had such a good time in kuala lumpur. durian, tofu.. you adventuress you! LOL.. dont take too long with the next entry, y'hear?

Shahieda said...

Wasalaams Mekyam,

Thanks for visiting my humble blog :)

Yes, you are right there are many malays in SA, with the concentration being in Cape Town. We are known as Cape Malays.

Are you familiar with the history of the malays here??

Wasalaams Puteri,

So glad that you popped around! Hahaha, Adventuress?? Believe me when I say that I took myself by surprise with my adventurous streak, hehehe. But then how otherwise to experience a new country??

Please visit again soon!